Fried Plantains With Rice and Beans

I posted a picture on Instagram and it seems this recipe was requested! This is something I grew up eating, and different from the Con Gris and Lechon recipe I shared over the summer, this traditional Cuban dish is much more simple. Cook it on a lazy Sunday and– depending on your family size–you can … Continue Reading

Ramen Noodles: the perfect weeknight dinner

I am finally becoming the stereotype of a college student with this recipe. I had a wonderful surprise snow day so I decided to share my easy as can be shrimp ramen recipe that can be made in under 20 minutes. Although I wouldn’t label this a SUPER healthy meal, it is super quick and also … Continue Reading

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I thought it might be a good time to lightly touch on this topic. I should say I have no authority on this nor have I personally suffered from an eating disorder; however, I feel this topic is incredibly important to talk about, especially in a world … Continue Reading

Vegetable Lasagna

Congratulations to my giveaway winners! I am glad I had an opportunity to give out some fun prizes, hopefully, there will be more giveaways to come. For those of you who are not Christian, 2 weeks ago began the start of Lent. As a Catholic, this means giving up something for 40 days until Easter … Continue Reading

Healthy Finds

I’ve got ANOTHER company to tell you a little bit about today. I know you are thinking what, another review!? Don’t worry I will be posting some great recipes coming up (think: sweet potato pancakes and vegetable lasagna). I was approached with an opportunity to write a review of Healthy Finds. So this blog post will … Continue Reading

Hello Fresh Review

I wish someone warned me about how soul-sucking finding a job while working at a job while also being a full-time student would be. That is the only excuse I have for not posting last week. I think it is a good one, right? On to the blog post…For Christmas my brother surprised me with a … Continue Reading

Mexican Spice Turkey Burger

As many probably know I am an ambassador for Further Food a company that sells collagen and other healthy supplements. This month we were challenged to share a healthy version of our favourite comfort food. I’ve actually made a few healthy comfort food recipes like acorn squash mac n’ cheese and buffalo cauliflower. Although I did not use … Continue Reading