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As I mentioned briefly in past posts, I have been trying to build more muscle. Until college I never really went to the gym. All of my physical activity came from years of soccer. I’ve been an active person my entire life but only recently (past 3 years) have I gone to the gym routinely. I also always thought a good workout involved a lot of cardio and small weight or body weight training. Now I am not about to advocate for a certain type of workout because people are looking for different results. If you want to be small, a lot of cardio and body weight training is what you are looking for. If you want to lose body fat, weight and resistance training is proven to be the most effective. If you want to be a body builder it is all about seriously heavy weight and smaller sets…and don’t get me started on CrossFit…

NOW if you are curious, here are my individual motivations for switching up my fitness regime:

  1. I want to be more physically strong. I understand I can’t control some things like my height and my body composition and I am not trying to become a body builder…but women becoming bulky by lifting is some BS myth trying to keep us frail!!!! (Okay that was a little dramatic…BUT IT IS A MYTH).
  2. I want to challenge myself. The idea of trying to beat your personal best, whether that is doing more reps, lifting more weight, perfecting my form. These are my new gym motivations and it feels better to work on achieving these goal, then going to the gym just for the sake of ‘being healthy’.
  3. I got a little tired of my workouts. There are only so many leg lifts I can do…I was becoming super bored with my workouts because when I went to the gym it was more for the routine and less for the achievement. Now I have something to look forward to and strive for.
  4. I hate cardio but love HIT. I have always hated running distance. I have an insane amount of respect for people that can run miles upon miles and they LOVE IT. I was also always told that running and long distance cardio is fat burning and if you want to reveal abs or work off some lingering fat you have to run. That could not be further from the truthI feel incredibly cheated by my years of reading women’s fitness magazine…I won’t get into that now….It’s not like I’m bitter or anything… ANYWAY I was pleased to find out I can stick to my High Interval Training sessions mixed with weight and resistance and not have to run miles upon miles to reveal my muscles.

So in light of my new fitness regime I went out to search for protein (taken after the gym to help repair and build muscle) and prework to provide an extra kick. Sadly, so many products are filled with JUNK!!!! And both the pre-workouts I would use and the protein were far from clean foods. For something that I take 4 times a week, I was not happy about all the chemicals and additives.

Now that brings me to Rootz. A member of their team reached out asking if I wanted to try their products. Last week I received samples of their pre-workout and protein and I am blown away! Seriously I am rattled. The ingredients they use in their products are top notch ‘super foods’, many of which are used in natural medicinal practices around the world.

Raspberry Lemonade Pre-Workout

I am not big on caffeine although I do have it occasionally. The big downside of taking pre-workout for me is getting the jitters. The Rootz pre-workout did not make me jittery. At. All. I felt immediately energized but did not have those other unpleasant side effects. That being said, I recommend drinking the preworkout DURING your workout. This will ensure you keep your energy up for the entire session and not just the beginning.

Now we must talk about taste. Every other product I’ve used tasted like some crazy sugary drink…and to be honest I sure as hell did not mind it. Rootz is far from that. Obviously as a natural product you’re not going to get some super sweet flavor, I would describe the flavor as a very strong tea. An herbal and fruit tea specifically. I actually enjoyed the taste but I can imagine it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (get it!). However, I would much prefer a tea flavored pre-workout than one loaded with chemicals and sugar. If your goal it to be fit AND healthy this is the perfect product for you.

Chocolate Banana Nut Protein

I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical of this flavor for no other reason than I do not like bananas. A year ago I started eating bananas consistently for the first time in my life and although I have begun to enjoy their taste, I never like anything that is flavored with banana. That being said….I didn’t hate the Rootz protein. I know that does not sound like a raving review…but for me that is a huge deal. The first time I tried it with just almond milk and it was decent. THEN I added it to overnight oats, which is my favorite way of getting protein after a workout, the flavor was incredible. I am going to post an entire recipe with it soon, but my goodness the subtle banana flavor was actually one of my favorite parts!

I will note again, due to the all-natural products and no added sugars, this is not going to be as sweet as other powders you may be use to. Mixing into baked goods and breakfast recipes is a great way to consume protein especially because eating protein with carbs is the way to go! Rootz has a fun tab of recipes the community has created. This weekend I decided to try one after my workout and it may be the best decision I have ever made….seriously you need to try this: Chocolate Banana Nut Pancakes.

If you would like to try any Rootz products please use code SALADSPINNER for a small discount. I do make a small commission off any purchases made with my code. All the money goes right back toward the blog and creating content for you guys! I only promote brands I have tried and loved and I hope you will love them too!

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