The Perfect Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

For the record, Mom, Dad, and friends, this post is not a list of things I want for Christmas. I enjoy reading gift guides but often find them irrelevant or too out of my price range. In this one, I have included both practical and more extravagant items. Even the more expensive items I’ve linked … Continue Reading

Further Food Collagen

As I announced a few weeks ago I am working with Further Food to give my followers access to their amazing products. Of course, I do not want to just throw out an empty advertisement, so here I am, a few weeks later, to write out a full review! The first thing I want to talk about … Continue Reading

Easy Work Lunch Ideas

This week has been a little extra crazy at work and around the house. My family is getting ready for a large BBQ and that means a lot of chores and errands. This I week I totally panicked on Tuesday when I realized I have no new recipes to share. LUCKILY my brother’s girlfriend of many years … Continue Reading

Herb Butter

These past few weeks have been incredibly busy and I’ve had absolutely no time to post! I know this week’s post really doesn’t seem like anything special. It’s literally herbs and butter. But I have been meaning to share this great trick for a long time. It’s not a recipe per se, but more of … Continue Reading

2-Ingredient Almond Based Recipes

Essentially I was really lazy this weekend and instead of cooking up a new recipe I just emptied the cabinet of a few (now stale) items I brought home from Australia. Those items included a bag of dried dates and a bag of raw almonds. Why I decided to bring those home, I don’t know, … Continue Reading

8 Perfect Gifts for Any Foodie Father

I figured I should do something a little different and FUN for father’s day. And as I have struggled to find my dad a gift for father’s day I thought: why not help anyone else who may be struggling as well. The other reason I am posting this is because I had zero time to … Continue Reading

Apricot Jam

I thought making Jam would be straightforward. Boy was I wrong. My Jam turned out a bit more like baby food than anything else. Don’t get me wrong it tastes very good on some wheat bread with peanut butter but I wouldn’t necessarily call it Jam. However, instead of adding this to the list of … Continue Reading